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    Who will listen to me?
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    Who will listen to me?
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    Who will listen to me?
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    Who will listen to me?
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    Good listening helps people discover hope.
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I am encouraged by the notion that I may be able to help others by listening effectively to them in order for them to feel empowered.
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Listen Well Scotland provides quality listening training for life, health and community.

This safe and effective listening approach will help improve communication in:

  • Pastoral care
  • Community outreach initiatives
  • Person centred care
  • Family relationships
  • Team working
  • Managing people
Course Programme
Our structured programme offers the full range of our courses over a year at different but readily accessible sites within Scotland. All of these are open to individuals or representatives of organisations. In addition, we shall be delighted to discuss running any of these at other times or sites, or tailoring any of our courses, to meet the particular needs of any organisation. Services Link
Listen Well Scotland is passionate about the importance of skilled listening and the benefits that accrue from it in any walk of life. It recognises, however, that for both individuals and organisations costs and expectations of positive outcomes are involved. Listening training has been shown to deliver demonstrable benefits in academic studies and from the feedback Listen Well Scotland collects at every course. The very modest course fees represent excellent value for money and some courses also carry a Credit Rating from Edinburgh Napier University. Training Link
Our free downloads offer an insight into what Listen Well Scotland sees as the power of listening in everyday life. They are there to inform, perhaps to challenge and to be used in whatever way either individuals or organisations find helpful. Licensing Link
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