What We Are

Listen Well Scotland(LWS)formerly Acorn in Scotland is a charity with a vision of active listening as the basis of healthy personal,community relationships and a fundamental component of good compassionate healthcare. It therefore makes the strong connection between listening and health and wellbeing. While respecting the Christian roots of the organisation,it offers the benefit,to anyone or everyone, of any faith or none and in all cases without any conditions attached. Listening is a skill that can be learned and LWS' mission is to develop people who will encourage a culture of listening wherever people are in the different parts of Scotland.

Modern technology has revolutionised personal and business communications. Individuals can speak or write to one another from the four corners of the world and accomplish in seconds what would have taken days or even months not too long ago. The 24-hour news media make a point of bringing breaking stories to huge audiences in real time even as events unfold. What has not changed, however, is for individuals to feel at a deep personal level that their voice, their story, their concern is listened to.

Listening, really listening, means much more than just the mechanics of hearing words and noting information. It’s about caring for and valuing the other person, giving them the space to say what they have to say and responding in such a manner that signifies to them that they have been heard. It’s about not making assumptions or judgements. It’s about an empathy that empowers people to make decisions for themselves.

Good listening recognises the need for us all to be:

  • understood
  • valued and respected as a human being
  • able to express feelings honestly without judgement
  • able to trust
  • able to discover meaning, hope and purpose in life
  • Listen Well Scotland offers a range of listening training which is safe and effective, including courses credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University, to individuals, the private, public and voluntary sectors and faith communities. The benefits derived from the training can be far reaching from better listening within families to large organisations and the wider community.

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It was excellent. I was very apprehensive but felt at ease during the course. I also understood everything that was presented (which has not always been my experience of courses in the past!)
Course participant
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