Listen Well Award

TO ALL 7 Participating SCHOOLS

Carluke High School,  Charleston Academy, Keith Grammar, Kingussie High School, Millburn Academy, Speyside High School, Ullapool High School

Listen Well Scotland would like to thank all seven schools participating in this unique pilot – the Listen Well Award – which we hope will make a positive contribution to the mental wellbeing of young people.

95 young people have participated (71girls and 24 boys) which has been a very encouraging result. The initial outcome from the course evaluations, completed by the pupils, has been extremely positive with some very helpful constructive suggestions.
We are very grateful for all the time, support and encouragement provided by the staff to enable this pilot to take place. All the planning and delivery of the Listen Well Award has also involved a considerable commitment from Listen Well Scotland both financially and in Volunteer Trainer time.

As a charity we want to ensure that this pilot is robustly evaluated and clear outcomes evidenced of the contribution this award can make to the health and wellbeing of young people.

Research Scotland will be providing the independent evaluation. In addition to looking at the course evaluations completed by the pupils, Research Scotland will be particularly seeking to evaluate the impact of this training on the mental wellbeing of young people through listening activities initiated within the school.

In the week beginning 25th June ’18  we  have been allocated an exhibition slot in the Members’ Lobby of the Scottish Parliament building where selected pupils from each school will be in attendance at the stand and be available to talk to MSPs about their experience. 

It is hoped that the Listen Well Award will be rolled out to other schools in Scotland over the next three years and so make a positive contribution to the mental wellbeing of young people.