Retired Consultant

So much more to listening than first thought

Course participant

I had never thought of listening as ministry

Course participant

The need for good listeners is so important. Perhaps we should encourage more church members to take this course. It could enhance our witness to the community and also our fellowship

Rev Dr Derek Brown, Lead Chaplain, NHS Highland

Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

Listening for life, health and community is the heart of Listen Well Scotland's philosophy and I have had the privilege of watching this being enacted within the relationship built up between NHS Highland Chaplaincy and Listen Well Scotland.

Course participant

I am not as good a listener as I thought I was!

Macmillan Volunteer

I feel I have learned so much from the course. It’s been very powerful and it has been a huge help on my personal journey as well


I have learnt to accept myself more and with this acceptance I will be a better listener. This is the best course I have ever attended. The content was very relevant.

Course participant

I am encouraged by the notion that I may be able to help others by listening effectively to them in order for them to feel empowered.

Course participant

It was excellent. I was very apprehensive but felt at ease during the course. I also understood everything that was presented (which has not always been my experience of courses in the past!)

Social worker

I often attend training courses where I am constantly “clock watching” and wonder about the usefulness of the material in the work setting. These two days have flown past – always a good sign!

course participant

Presentation and content interesting and thought provoking - completely held my interest throughout.

Course participant April '14

The gift of effective listening is timeless in a fast changing world. This has huge appeal.


Good listening is not about offering advice and solutions. In fact this can be counterproductive. I was impressed by how the complex and elusive issue of effective listening was tackled and made easy to understand


This course should be made mandatory for all nurses.

NHS Chaplain

Effective Listening really makes a difference to the speaker and that it is possible to effectively listen